Preparing The Home For Paralysis

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Paralysis, both temporary and permanent, is one of the most drastic changes a person can go through in their life.

It is thought that 1,200 people in the UK are left permanently paralysed from a spinal cord injury every year, and much more common conditions like strokes can leave sufferers with partial paralysis for anything between six months to five years.

While in hospital, the NHS will provide all the care they can. However, outside of wheelchair rental and maintenance provided by local NHS authorities, at-home care and after support is almost non-existent. You could even fall victim to the dreaded postcode lottery, and not receive a wheelchair for weeks, or even months.

So, with the bill placed firmly with the paralysis suffer and their loved ones, how much does it cost to make a house accessible for the disabled? Well as it turns out, it can add up pretty fast.

Let’s go through your average morning routine.

Even something as simple as getting out of bed is now a struggle, as a suffer may need to use either a hoist or a fixed rail to get themselves up or into a wheelchair. The prices of these can vary. A fit-in-bed rail can cost as little as £35 and a bed pole hoist as little as £150. However, larger free-standing rails and through-house hoist systems can range from £1,500 to £2,200.

In the bathroom, several parts of room will have to be entirely reworked. Level access walk-in showers, bath lifts and toilet support rails help make the room fully accessible, but once again at a price. Packs of railings designed to be installed all around the bathroom average £250 to £300, but entire bathroom redesigns offered by plumbers and bathroom specialists can set you back between £1,500 to £2,500.

A stairlift will also be essential.

With only 2,210 new bungalows built in the UK in 2017, more people with paralysis will be living in two-floor homes. Research by Which? suggests the average stairlift costs £3,475, though prices can go as high as £6000 for curved or long stairs. There is also a rental option for those with temporary paralysis, with installation costing £350 to £1000 and monthly fees ranging from £10 to 150 per month, again depending on the type of stairs in the house.

Getting to the kitchen, this room will likely need an entire redesign too. As technology improves, kitchen specialists are offering more accessibility products than ever, including motorized rise and fall worktops and specialised storage solutions. However, with so many variables attached to installing a new kitchen including room size, placement of plumbing, rewiring and removals, prices can vary wildly between £2,000 and £22,000, and that’s before adding any accessibility products.

Then there are the little extras people may choose to have.

Buying a wheelchair of their own can set someone back £100 – £800 for a self-propelled chair or £1,000 – £3,500 for an electric one. Smart-home devices, like the Hive heating system, have become popular with disabled people as well, averaging £20 per device, but some devices will need to be bought in bulk for multiple rooms.

While grants to help with these costs do exist, they are in increasingly short supply.

NHS budget cuts, government and local authority spending cuts and a shortage of trained professionals mean there are less grants to go around, and they are harder to qualify for.

While you may think something like this will never happen to you, there are similar situations across over types of critical illness where after-care is expensive and support is in short supply. This is where Critical Illness Insurance can help.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance is policy that will pay out a tax-free lump sum of cash in the event that you develop or contract one of a set number of illnesses, diseases or conditions, which can help towards preparing your home should come back paralysed or with any other form of life-altering disability. So, don’t wait for tragedy to strike, click the button below and get your free, no-obligation quote through Fuse Assurance.

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