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With the launch of Protect My Pockets proving to be a success, we set our sights on covering more of what our customers wanted protecting.

Not only did we have to consider what our customers wanted, we also had to find insurance markets with room to grow, so we had to start thinking outside the box. While considering our promise to protect our customer’s loved ones, it hit us: who else could be considered a “loved one”?

That’s the moment we knew our next step was to offer insurance for our customer’s beloved pets. However, we didn’t feel it belonged on the Fuse Assurance website, so we powered up Protect My Pets.

In this second part of our three-part blog series, we’ll be introducing you to Protect My Pets. You’ll find out what they do, how they do it and why we feel it’s so important for us to offer this brand-new service to our customers.

Who Are Protect My Pets?

Protect My Pets will be specialising in Pet Insurance.

When considering where to expand our business, we had to do a little bit of research. We had to look into any gaps in the insurance market. Any underwriters looking set up a new partnership with a broker like Fuse Assurance. Any changes in trends and lifestyles that people would want covered and above all else, what would most benefit our customers.

Looking into rising trends, we noticed how much has changed when it comes to our family pets. Over a century ago, treating cats and dogs as member of the family would have been laughable. If you were poor, they were put to work, whether herding sheep or catching mice. However, as society changed and people earned more money, owning pets for fun became more popular. Now in 2018, the UK pet industry is worth just under £4.5 billion. This covers everything from gourmet pet food to Halloween costumes to Ikea pet furniture. There are even specialised dog hotels and day spas to keep our pooches pampered.

We love our furry friends so much, and yet over half of the UK’s pet owners don’t have Pet Insurance. With the average vet’s bill costing around £700, we couldn’t believe this was the case. We understand how much your pets matter to you, so we felt it was important to encourage more people to protect them. But Pet Insurance would stick out like a sore thumb on a Life Insurance website, so Protect My Pets was needed. Hopefully, this will help us stand out from crowd and give customers more options through an experienced broker.

What Does Pet Insurance Do?

Pet Insurance is a specialised type of protection insurance designed to cover your pets once you start paying into a monthly premium. If your pet was to suddenly fall ill or become injured, your insurance would cover the payments, and even the paperwork, needed to get your local vet to fix them up.

There are two main types of Pet Insurance on offer with Protect My Pets. For one, you can choose to cover your pet for 12 Months, which provides a year of cover after your pet falls ill or gets an injury. Alternatively, you can instead cover your pet for its entire lifetime, meaning that no matter what happens and when, your vet’s bills will be covered. These policies even come with tons of extras to choose from, so you can keep your pets extra secure both at home and abroad.

Why Is Having Pet Insurance So Important? Why Do We Think You Should Have It?

We’ve come a long way from keeping pets as tools. With more people living alone and having children later in life, we’ve come to adore our pets as equally valued members of the family. So, if you have Life Insurance to protect your bipedal loved ones, then what’s so different about having Pet Insurance for your four-legged friends?

That’s why we feel Pet Insurance is so important. Our pets may not live as long as us, so it can feel like a waste to money, but they still bring us so much irreplaceable joy, love and affection. So why not change your mind about Pet Insurance and keep the love going for just that little bit longer?

Where Can I Find Protect My Pets?

Above all else, we recommend visiting the website.

Here you can not only find out more about Pet Insurance, but dive deep into the details of what your policy would cover. We offer specific cover packages for cats and dogs, both of which become cheaper with our multi-pet discount!

Once you’ve read through everything you need to know, please keep it in mind for the future. Unfortunately we’re not quite ready to go yet as we’ve still got a little more training to do. But, as soon as we’re ready for business, we’ll let you know!

So, click the button below to go the Protect My Pets website. Next time, we’ll introduce you to Release My Equity, and why unlocking the cash from your home could be the perfect way to ensure your future.

Updated: 25/03/2019

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