Panic Attacks, The Workplace and You

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Panic attacks can be many things to many people.

Whether you have them rarely, frequently or have them in part due to a mental illness, they are always sudden, can happen anywhere at any time and are very frightening. If you find yourself having to cope with panic attacks while at work, here are five ways you can keep calm and carry on:

Learn What’s Happening to Your Body

Only you know your body, but it always helps to learn more about it. Now this won’t stop panic attacks from happening, but it will make you aware of what is happening and prevent the attack from getting any worse.

Remember to Breathe and Relax

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s still so important. Practising breathing and muscle relaxing techniques that you can perform at your desk will allow you to consciously control your body and give you more confidence come the next panic attack.

Limit Stimuli

There’s a good chance that no matter where you work, your workplace can be a fast-paced and stressful environment, so you can’t always find a quiet place to practice your breathing and relaxing techniques during panic attacks. Instead, you could concentrate a tangible object nearby, repeat a short mantra or ground yourself with calming music.

Keep A Notebook Nearby

Treating intrusive thoughts as material objects is an effective coping mechanism. So as the negative thoughts begin to build get them written down, but make sure you can throw them away once you’re done. Keep a wire-bound notebook somewhere on your desk, or if you work on the go, keep an A7 flip-up notebook and short pen in an easy to reach pocket.

Cut Down on Caffeine

That first coffee of the day may be a sacred part of your morning routine, but caffeine is a major trigger for anxiety and consequently, panic attacks. Try waiting for a quiet moment before having a cup of coffee or replace it with water or juice, as this will help reduce the number of triggers you may have to deal with.

While having these coping mechanisms can help you through the day, they’re no substitute for proper mental health care and if you’re neglecting it for fear of losing out on pay, you may be doing more harm than good.

Struggling to cope at work due to mental illness increases the chances of suffering from a panic attack, stopping you from working. Forcing yourself to work also worsens many mental health conditions, leading to breakdowns and even hospitalisation. There’s no shame in needing time off to deal with your mental health and having Income Protection can give you that extra peace of mind should you need it.

What Is Income Protection Insurance?

Income Protection is a policy that can provide you with a plan should an accident in work or any other illnesses physical or mental prevent you from working. When paid into at regular intervals, it can provide cover for long term sickness at any time at a percentage of your regular salary. So, sit down, relax and find out more by clicking the button below for your free, no-obligation quote.

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