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Mortgage Life Insurance protects the value of your mortgage and ensures that should the worst happen, your family will receive a lump sum to pay off the outstanding mortgage balance, allowing them to remain within the family home. 

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Mortgage Protection cover is solely tied to the value of your mortgage. E.g. £100,000 cover over 20 years, after 10 years the cover will have reduced to half of the original amount. It covers the liability of the mortgage only but it provides clarity that the value of the mortgage will paid off should you pass away. It’s often cheaper than term assurance, however it only covers the cost of your mortgage, a lot of people don’t take into consideration the other costs of the household. So in the unfortunate event that you do pass away, if your mortgage is covered then your family will still be left to pay for the funeral, bills and outstanding debts. For more information on how to get full cover, call us on 0800 058 8310.


Giving yourself a solid financial base is critical to strengthening your family’s future, not just from a financial standpoint but from an emotional point of view as well. In the worst case scenario your family will inevitably need time to grieve and spend time with each other, and not having the appropriate insurance cover will only add to the pressures and strains that people face in these situations. Taking out a Family Life Insurance policy is a great way to combat these difficulties, and allows you to concentrate on what is important when it matters most.