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What comes to mind when you hear the words “Health Insurance”? Going on holiday? Living in the USA? Well it can mean so much more than that, especially when you learn that comprehensive and affordable health insurance can be found right here in the UK, giving you the option to go into private healthcare.

Now the NHS is a proud, long-standing British institution, but even it has its limits. Many procedures are no longer automatically covered by the service, at least 15 were cut in July of this year, so people may need to go private even when finances are tight. Health insurance can help cover this, as well giving people the choice to go private for other procedures.

So, let us introduce you to all the facts you need to know about Health Insurance before you buy, just so you know if it’s right for you:

So, what’s covered?

Now what exactly your Health Insurance will cover will vary from company to company, policy to policy and may even be capped at certain amounts, but here’s whats generally covered on your average policy:

  • fees charged by private medical staff for both diagnosis and treatment
  • operating expenses, including surgeons’, anesthetists’ and operating theatre fees
  • accommodation and nursing charges
  • x-rays, dressings and medication while an inpatient
  • specialist treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and physiotherapy
  • home nursing costs, outpatient and day care treatment following procedures

And if you pay a little bit extra into your health insurance, some policies may include extras like non-urgent tests and emergency medical treatment while abroad.

And what isn’t?

Health insurance largely covers the unforeseen, so pre-existing and terminal illness are usually not covered, but don’t panic, Life Insurance policies can help families through the fallout of these illnesses.

Are there any real advantages?

So, so many. Going private with health insurance could get you seen by a medical specialist much sooner and reduce those dreaded NHS waiting times. It could also get you treatments and drugs not available on the service due to cost. You also have the freedom to choose. You could choose your surgeon, choose your hospital and even choose to stay in a private room, making your treatment yours.

So, what’s it going to cost?

According to the price comparison site ActiveQuote, the average premium for UK Health Insurance is £1435 per year. That’s £27.60 a week or just £3.95 a day. So, for the price of a working lunch you could be paying for the best practitioners and treatments your policy can buy just for that extra peace of mind when it comes to your personal health.


Then don’t wait around for the NHS. Fuse Assurance are now providing health insurance on top of our many other great insurance policies. Any new or existing customers who sign up for a health insurance policy will receive a free £25 Holland & Barrett gift voucher. For your free no obligation quote, click the link below to contact us today.

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