Funeral Costs on the rise

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According to a report from SunLife, the cost of a funeral has risen for the 15th year in a row.

Results from the 2018 Cost of Dying research shows that the average cost of a funeral now stands at £4,271 in the UK, and the total cost of dying costing around £9,204. Over the last 10 years funeral costs have risen 70% which is almost three times the rate of wage increases.

What do these costs include? 

The full cost of dying doesn’t just stop at the funeral; there are other costs involved such as the service and additional professional fees.

1. The Cost of a Basic Funeral – AVG Cost: £4,271
Feeds for the cremation or burial itself, the funeral director, doctor and minister of celebrant.

2. The Send Off – AVG COST: £2,061
Which includes things like flowers, order sheets, extra limos, a venue, and catering for the gathering afterwards.

3. The Cost of Hiring a Professional – AVG COST: £2,872
to administer to estate.

Does it make a difference where you live?

Where you live can make a big difference in the cost of a funeral. London is at the top of the list for costing with the average funeral price sitting at around £5,880 which is a 25% increase compared to the next most expensive region.

Since 2004 the trends have been on a constant rise, which means if they carry on in the same direction as the past 10 years then the cost of dying could set us back around £10,000 by 2023. The question is, have any of us got £10,000 to put aside?

How will you pay for your funeral?

We know that death and funeral costs aren’t the most enjoyable subjects to discuss; however when you go, how will all of the above costs be covered? If you want to help your loved ones when you’re no longer around, facing up to the inevitable could make a big difference to them which will already be a difficult time where no more stress is needed.


With the correct Life Insurance policy in place you can rest assured that all costs will be taken care of if the unfortunate was to happen. With the continued rise in costs you’d need to ask yourself if your close ones could afford to pay for the funeral, and if you’re the breadwinner for the family, how would they cover the mortgage costs or outstanding debts as well?

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