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The bloodstock industry involves multi-million pound valuations of thoroughbreds and is truly global.

The specialist Bloodstock Insurance policy we offer provide cover for flat and jump racehorses, including point to point horses, as well as breeding stock and stallions. The policy covers for ‘All Risks of Mortality’. This means that you will be able to claim under your bloodstock insurance policy if the horse dies, is killed or has to be put down immediately on humane grounds by a vet, as a result of an accident, injury, illness or disease as per the terms of the policy.

Cover for theft is also included, and underwriters will pay up to the sum insured for the fair market value of the horse.

Horse ownership is not only an exciting and rewarding experience, it is also a big commitment – in terms of both time and money. With some horses and equipment typically costing thousands of pounds, ensuring that you are financially covered  is crucial. During times of economic uncertainty, this is more important than ever. Fuse Assurance can offer peace of mind when it comes to your horses and your equine businesses.


Fuse can offer a bloodstock insurance package to match your exact needs. The majority of bloodstock risks will be bound under our Brokered Binding Authority with an Underwriter at Lloyds, ensuring your policy is at its most cost effective and efficient. However, there may be larger or more complicated risks that can be placed in the Open Market.


Fuse can also offer insurance for the transit of horses to destinations all over the world. Transit insurance is an amended and tailored All Risks of Mortality Policy. This covers a horse for a specific period of time, to and/or from an agreed destination, anywhere in world.

This insurance policy is subject to your policy terms, conditions and exclusions. This insurance is also subject to standard declaration of health or veterinary certificate, or Nil if warranted sound at fall of hammer from a recognised bloodstock auction.