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Typically, Decreasing Term Life Insurance is taken out to enable the policy holder’s dependants to pay off a specific outstanding debt that is going down over a period of time. For this reason, the length of the term is normally taken out to match the length of the loan. This loan could be anything from a mortgage to a credit card.

The benefit of taking out a life insurance policy like this is that it will help your family handle any financial issues left behind by loved ones. It can keep them in their home and bailiffs from their front door.

Alternatively you may very well choose this type of policy because you simply don’t feel that your loved ones will require such a large payout as time goes on. This type of insurance is normally taken out by people who like to keep an close eye on both their wallets and their budgets, or may just be in a low-earning job. This is because payments are typically lower than level term insurance. 


Giving yourself a solid financial base is critical to strengthening your family’s future, from both a monetary and emotional standpoint. In the worst case scenario, your family will inevitably need time to grieve, and not having the right insurance cover will only add to their struggles. Taking out a Family Life Insurance policy is another great way to combat these difficulties, and allows you to concentrate on what matters most.