Carry on Caring, Even When You’re Gone

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There are almost 10 million carers in the UK, and its no easy job.

Carers are people who give up their own time, money and needs unpaid to care for loved ones who cannot look after themselves. This is often on top of trying to leading their own lives. Many carers work full-time, attend school, pay bills or raise children of their own. It is a lot of pressure to put on a person and in the worst cases, carers have been known to give up multiple meals and take out pay-day loans. They even work and provide care while severely ill themselves. However, very few of these carers are looking to the future should the unexpected happen.

Carers are not taking out Life Insurance, despite needing it most.

According to a survey by Scottish Widows, 7 million carers are living without any kind of personal insurance. Their research showed that only 28% of carers have Life Insurance, with even less having Critical Illness Insurance at just 12%. Much of this comes down to cost, with a fifth of the surveyed carers without life insurance stating that they simply couldn’t afford a policy. It’s easy to understand why so many feel this way. Life Insurance can seem like an unnecessary extra cost when you have so many other responsibilities, but this lack of foresight isn’t safe for anyone.

What would happen if a carer suddenly passed away?

The loved one they were caring for will still need looking after, but is there another relative who can step in or would they be alone? Does anyone else have the money to look after them, hire a nurse or put them in a care home if they’re older? What about their routines and medications? Who will be there to help them through the day? This might not apply to you now, but as the population ages and puts on more pressure on our already stretched NHS, more people are set to become unpaid carers and could face leaving their loved ones with no support should they pass away.

Whether you find yourself becoming a carer in the future, or are a carer right now, it pays to be prepared. Here at Fuse Assurance, we can help you find just the right Life Insurance policy, so you can leave something behind for the ones you love.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a policy that fixes the amount you cover yourself for, so no matter when it pays out, it will pay out the entire agreed amount, giving you peace of mind and your loved ones financial security. So, continue to care even when you’re gone by clicking the button below and getting your free, no-obligation quote.

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