Fuse Assurance was formed by regular people, a bunch of friends who simply wanted more clarity on how to protect their loved ones. During an emotional time, it became clear to us that the life insurance market was very confusing for the regular consumers. So then our mission was set.


For anyone with dependents or a partner; it’s very important, but how do we know we’re truly protected? The directors of Fuse Assurance have set out to make sure that every time the phone rings, the customer was provided with a tailored, caring and worthwhile journey through their policy.

Fuse started by helping close friends and family, giving them assistance with Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection. Naturally, when the service given is genuinely beneficial and saving people money, the word spreads. Soon we started to see the phone ring through word of mouth across countless walks of life. Uncle’s work colleagues, auntie’s friends, even granddad’s bowls partners! It didn’t take long for our offices to grow that’s for sure!

50 +
Now, with over 100 years of worth of experience through our many partners, we supply policies to thousands of consumers aged 18 to 98, making sure that they, their family and their partners are covered in the event of an unfortunate death or illness. We pride ourselves on our client care, making sure that we are with the customer every step of the way. We also like to spend our time giving back to those less fortunate, you might even catch us supporting our favourite charities during events held throughout the year!


We are very excited for you to start your life insurance journey with us, providing you with excellent service. We understand a lot of companies can be old, boring and out of date, so join Fuse! The fresh, new insurance broker keeping you up to date and having fun! We bet you weren’t expecting that with your life insurance!